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I have some photos I want to make into a calendar. It will be an A3 wall calendar with the top half being the picture and the bottom half being the dates and stuff. Thing is, the aspect ratio is wrong on some of the pics and having tried almost every online photo site I have come to the conclusion Im a muppet who cant make them look good.

What I need is someone who is a dab hand at playing with photos and is able to make them fit in the best way possible even if this means altering some of them slightly. These pictures are incredibly important to me and I want to do them justice. I will be keeping the original ones so there are no worries for me there but I need someone who can manipulate pictures to get the best out of them. Can anyone here do that? (ill pay) or recommend someone who is into this sort of thing?

Thank you in advance



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Quite a straightforward job....I am in Unstone, if that isnt too far for you.

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Sorry. I wasnt being ignorant and I am grateful for your reply. Life just got in the way and I dont appear to be in a very good place.

Sorry again and If the offer is still open in a week or so (when I can get my head around some problems) I would be very thankful for your help with this.

Sorry again.


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