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Ups sheffield

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i noticed another UPS related thread went a bit wrong no longer alloows input which was unfortunately before it became useful.


UPS sheffield is based on



Phone: 0845 787 787 7                                       a better non premium number they say is 0345 787 787 7


i found on ringing them that it was very difficult to explain my simple query ...where is the collection point...  took me about 10 minutes before the presumably a man with what sounded like an asian/indian sounding accent who had  excellent language skills but was seemingly unable to discern the meaning of what I said.    put another way  he heard what i said he knew what i said he could repeat what i said but was clearly not very experienced in understanding the meaning of what was said in english.     the person that took the call said his name was john...   i found that somewhat unlikley


i hope that was well enough explained for the overly sensitive overly PC nut jobs that sometimes  input on other people's posts with their usual feigned indignation.


if you want to collect a parcel yourself they were' unable' to deliver you will have to ring (unfortunately)  them as they have different points to do that from around the city and they are postcode based  but you might be able to arrange something through their website if you prefer to do things online.


they say you WILL NEED  photo ID presumably a driving licence or passport    AND a utility bill .... wherever you collect it from


i hope this is useful


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Never had a problem with UPS they normally deliver to the local drop off point if your not in, details on the card they leave ...

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I am sorry you feel you had a bad experience with the telephone conversation but I find ups one of the best parcel delivery companies out there and there are lots of drop off and collection points, my other half has a delivery comming tommorrow , wont be in so directed it via website to her local drop off shop.


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