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Advice - new wedding favours business

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I’m wanting to startup my own small business doing wedding favours, however I have little knowledge in how to start this up. 


Does anyone know who I can contact to make (for example) mini chocolate for me and also who can design and manufacture labels and packaging.. 


 Any contacts / advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you 

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Its one thing asking for help on how to run a business but a totally different thing when asking such details about that industry sector. I really wouldn't advise setting up a business if you don't know the first thing about it. I would suggest you spend the time looking at what is already out there, how much they charge, try and spot a gap in the market. You then need to look at sourcing the items you will need and work out how much you will need to sell them for after taking into account your costs eg  materials, labour, insurance, transport, postage etc. 


Have you thought about the difference in buying packaging or making your own? If you buy everything and just assemble then you aren't really offering anything people can't do themselves. You could make bespoke packaging which and offer the option of the customer filling the favours themselves or filling with a set range of items. Make sure you understand food regs re labelling. 

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