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The right person to be my business partner

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Not really after any cash off ya I need a person who is dying to have their own business and would be well into starting it up advertising and the running of the business I’m a plasterer/renderer with lots of experience in property renovations and repairs I’ve had a ltd company before and got done out of 40k doing contractor work but now only do private work I’m very good and have a good reputation for being good look at ecoline contractors ltd on Facebook it’s my old page i have a van and tools and I’ll also put everything I’ve got money wise not a lot lol but I can earn a lot and put every penny back in I’m looking for ether a guy or a girl who is out going and is desperate to have there own business and will put there all in to it I’m a 31 year old single guy with all the time in the world to put into this please text me on 07551262089 experience preferred but it’s the right personality and drive I’m looking for on the text tell me a little about ya self or just call be looking forward to seeing what comes of this thank you for taking the time to read my add speak soon Calum 


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Hi Calum


Good luck with finding your perfect partner. Remember partnerships work well when:

  • both partners bring something to the table that the other cannot
  • both partners agree on how the business should develop - the business plan (even if drawn on the back of a fag packet) should be something both partners can live with
  • the rewards are shared fairly based on the contribution made by each partner - this can be tricky when the nature of what each contributes is very different - early discussion, recognition of what is valuable, and documenting the agreement before the money rolls in can be useful.
  • there is a partnership agreement that allows someone who is unhappy to get out without destroying the business.  

I'd recommend the "Profit First" system if you are not familiar with it. I learned about it via a free trial of Amazon Audible service. Mike Michalowicz is the Author. 

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Get in touch , might be interested I have some good contacts, all the equipment, looking to slow down a bit...........


Thanks Martin





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