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Sloan surgery 70 year celebration - help needed


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Hi,  I have seen quite a few posts regarding Chesterfield Road, Derbyshire Lane and Doctor Sloan's surgery on the forum and would like permission from the lovely people who posted memories to use them in a project.  The Sloan family have been Doctors in the area for 70 years this year and are celebrating this with a sort of Memory Lane feature in their new surgery next to the Lidl store on Chesterfield Road.  The event will take place on 3rd December with (we hope) photos starting with  Dr. Sloan and Dr. King,  the surgeries and memories provided by the Doctors and patients of life and events during this period.  Please feel free to come and join us on the day or on any of our monthly Coffee Mornings. 

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Both Dr Sloane and Dr King looked after our family for many years, I have memories of going to the doctors and waiting in line to walk down the corridor to see the doctor. Dr Sloane had photos of his daughters in his room he was always so proud of them, they all looked like him with chestnut curly hair. He and his wife were the best doctors and were very respected by the patients, I have fond  memories of seeing the nurse and when it involved a injection I got a simpkins glucose lolly for being good. I'm 69 next week and I've yet to meet a doctor with their level of care and patience..... Happy memories

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