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Parents of children needing speech therapy in Sheffield

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What have your experiences been in Sheffield? We're just at the start of this journey with our son who seems to have a severe speech difficulty. At the moment we're really struggling to get any help from the NHS other than a couple of group sessions.


Any input appreciated!

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I haven't got any recent experience of speech therapy. My daughter is no longer having speech therapy. We were very happy with the support she got at the time. The key to anything like this is to put the pressure on and not go away.


At the time I spoke with speech therapy and I was very proactive ensuring I asked for help and asked their advice on how I could help my daughter at home. I felt that I was supported and encouraged.


How old is your son?


I would also recommend that you contact the Children's Communication Charity ICAN. They have lots of information and advice for parents.


Speech therapy can be a long process, so early intervention is key.

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