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Downstairs toilet drainage

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Hi, we have a 25 year old house with a downstairs w/c and have a drainage question.

The toilet waste pipe goes under the floorboards and into a bend. This then disappears under the concrete garage floor and down the drive. The separate sink has a waste pipe that goes out of the side of the house and into a drain with a plastic grill over it. This then follows a drain along the side of the house and again down the drive towards the road.

My question is will the toilet and the sink wastes discharge into the same sewer in the road or could the sink waste discharge into the same drain as surface water from the gutter - I'm presuming not as the sink water could contain cleaning chemicals etc. ?

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All household waste water normally finishes up in the same sewer. Rainwater can also go the same way but may follow a different route to a water course in some areas, in which case you cannot discharge a sink into the rainwater drain. If in doubt contact your water supplier.

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