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World Chess Championship - 2018

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Anyone following the World Chess Chanpionship? It's coming from London this year, between reigning world champion Magnus Carlson (Norway) and challenger, Fabiano Caruana (USA).


They've played 2 games so far, and had 2 draws. There are 10 more games to be played throughout November.


From what I can tell (listening to chess experts and commentary), looks like Carlson is favourite to win. Though, I think he's only currently 3 elo points above Fabiano, so who knows what will happen...

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Well, when I first posted, they'd played and drawn 2 games, had 10 left to play...


Now, they've played and drawn 10 (unprecedented) and only 2 left to play.


Tie breaker is a game of snap, so I've been told!

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