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Recovering a corrupt '/home' in GNU/Linux

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The fun never stops does it! :hihi:


OK, I decided to bite the bullet and get a new motherboard and RAM and Zorin worked out of the box to begin with until I started attempting to tweak the BIOS and attempt to install Windows 7 32-bit which it did not like. Whether the BIOS did this, pure coincidence but it might be a corrupt partition table (more likely) or failing drive (less likely).


I remembered reading about GParted having Test Disk (live version) and decided to browse what comes with GParted as an application on another GNU/Linux OS. Full details on how to do it here (with pictures):




[Footnote: having gone over everything I spotted that the failed attempt to install Windows to an identical make and model of drive dropped to my data share ntfs drive and marked that as boot - changed Zorin '/' flag to boot and get the windows 'Missing Operating System' - my own fault for not following my own advice - always disconnect all drives you are not working on!:o]

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