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Hackenthorpe Haunted?

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Hi i'm hoping somebody will be able to help me out here.

We moved onto Rainbow Avenue last year and right from the start my 2 oldest children began to hear what they describes as "whispering" in the small bedroom.

The dog barks at things we cannot see.

My 6 year old son (who is non-verbal) will follow someone (or something) with his eyes and will giggle for no apparent reason.

Also, several people (myself included) have seen the ghost of a young boy around the house on several occasions.

He looks to be no older than about 4.


I was just wondering if anybody knows of anything that happened maybe to a boy of around that age in the area?


Just trying to figure out who he might be.


We have only had quick glances of him so unfortunately i can't give a description on clothing or anything or any clues as to what era he's from.



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