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Neighbours who feed your obese cat.

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Why don't you fence your garden in so they can't get off it. Can be done for 100 pound. Cheaper than vet bills and your cat is safe from neighbour's and roads


Surely that depends on how big the owners garden is?


Does feeding a cat mean they're not likely to use that house's garden as a toilet?

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As I have already said in my post - a) I have caught the neighbours next door red-handed on more than one occasion. The cat is indoors every night. When I took him into my care about 3 years ago he was underfed and small - also he was un-neutered and not chipped. b) what can I do about it? well I can make their lives a misery - just like they have mine. I forked out £28.50 to get him dematted yesterday because he is too fat. For 6 years I have crept around the house avoiding making any noise because they don't like it. Well guess what-I am not bothered anymore. As for the cat fence - if I thought it could be done for £100 I would be ecstatic.

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