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Student Loan for a 2nd degree?

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Can anyone offer any advice please?

I attended university 15 years ago, but did not complete my degree. I took out a student loan at the time (which I am now paying off as I am working full time).

Is it possible to get a second student loan?

I am looking at options for studying a (completely different) part time degree course. I have looked on Google and it says you can't get funding for a lesser or equivalent degree, but I don't actually have a degree, so I'm not sure how this works?

I can't afford to pay the fees whilst also dropping a day's wages each week. If I could get funding for the fees it might be plausible. The fees have greatly increased since I was last at university, it was £1125 per year back in 2002, but know I am looking at £6000 per year for 6 years :(

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