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Can/Do you claim Pension Credit

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I've been messing about on the web (as usual) looking at benefits etc. Came across "Pension Credit" can you claim? site, I'd looked at this before and dismissed it as not applying to me as I get a pension which is MORE than the amount they state on the web site, which is £163.00 per week, however I did a check using their calculator and was surprised when it said I could get an extra £62.77 per week. WOW! Yea I thought, heard that before.

So I used another site and that came up with the same result - Weird - who knows better than the gov's own web site, so that's where i went next, and that said the same. So I phoned the free phone number and asked if i qualify (button 2). I have now got a claim ongoing. Can you claim?


Calculator - https://www.gov.uk/pension-credit


Pip payments do NOT count

Savings under £10,000 IGNORED, anything over reduces the amount you get.

Ignore the max income of £163.00 single and the £248.00 married it's different if your disabled. which they don't tell you about (which is why nearly 1 million people don't claim it.


You need 3 months of Bank Statements, though they didn't say if I have to send them in, they implied I didn't, but because I didn't have them they marked my application ( IDOC) until I get them, otherwise I think I could have done it all today.

If you do put in a claim, they ask when you would like it to start from - It can be backdated 3 months so ask for it.


WHAT ANNOYS ME IS i COULD HAVE HAD THIS YEARS AGO. (so much for a quick note on the subject)

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I don't and i can't - BUT one thing that i had been informd of whilst unemployed was to check every year what i could claim for (not necessarily recieve) when i got back into work just as you have done.


The only thing i qualify for now is married persons allowance of tax, which my dad is also now eligible for even though they are both retired.

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The State Pension rules have changed significantly in the last few years.

To get the NEW maximum State Pension you need 35 years of contribution and are old enough.

Guaranteed income is £163(single)or £248.80(couple) with a decreasing amount if you have savings over £10 000. Increasing amount if other things apply.


As Itrytoplease says Check or get it checked.


Married Couple's Allowance only available if on partner was born before 6 April 1935.


Marriage Allowance lets you transfer up to £1,190 of your unused Personal Allowance to your legal partner so they can save up to £238. Available to any age or savings amount. Allowances change every year.


As Itrytoplease says check or get it checked.

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I have spent hours looking things up for other people on here, I like doing it, but with pension credit for myself I saw the £163.00 rule and never went any further, who would?

I'm just worried if it effects anything else. it's a means tested benefit and PIP doesn't count, so it can't effect much - can it?


Is it to good to be true?


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The Gov. says a single (can only talk about single) FIT person needs £163 as a minimum pension to live on. However if your disabled that amount goes up to £227.30 per week.


This gives most an extra £63.00 a week.


Savings under £10,000 are not counted in their calculations. and neither is PIP


I've made my claim today and back dated it the 3 months your allowed, I can't foresee any problems, the 3 months bank statements they asked for weren't needed.


Married couples should do rather better than me, so check it out, your entitled to it.

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