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Hmmm... :huh:

... with the amount of junk mail put through our doors, does anyone really read leaflets anymore?


I know I don't - especially if you get a few delivered together, which now seems to be the favoured method of cutting costs - just a cursory glance and then filed in the wheelie bin (colour undisclosed).


The chance of anyone reading a leaflet that happens to drop through their letterbox at the very same time as they require the services on offer must be minuscule, and I can't believe that many people would read and then save a leaflet on the off-chance that they might one day need it.


I'd be interested to know if anyone genuinely gets any new business by this method and what the 'success' is for say, every 1000 leaflets.


You'd probably have as much success putting a postcard in the local post office window (remember them?) and it would certainly be a lot cheaper... :)

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A decent website is a must. Late last year we were looking for quoted for a new roof. We took two recommendations but looked on the Internet for companies. Some didn't seem to have decent websites with their business address on. This made me uncomfortable about calling them, its also a legal requirement. Two companies never turned up, one phoned up a couple weeks after he was supposed to quote to see if we wanted to quote. I didn't think it would be so difficult to obtain three quotes. 


I would not use the trusted trades or similar trader websites because some trader sites only allow good feedback. They don't allow any feedback if the contractor failed to turn up as agreed. 


Leaflets could be useful but if not backed up by a decent website it would put me off. Word of mouth would get him referrals.

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