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Akbars, Meadow Bank Rd

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Is Akbars still open?

I go up & down Meadow Bank Rd to & from work and wonder if it's open because, to be honest it looks quite grotty & not well kept from the outside.

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Yes it's still open and thriving from what I can tell. I was in there about a week ago and it was busy. I agree it doesn't look much from the outside, although it never did.


I think it's a very good Pakistani restaurant - the tandoori starters are superb, the chicken tikka, lamb chops and masala fish/fish pakora are excellent. The range of curries is immense although some might find them a bit on the dry side if you are used to the Bangladeshi dishes with pieces of meat swimming in a universal gravy. The naan breads are amazing. Huge things, hung on spikes, made freshly on the premises. Superb!


It's my favourite "Indian" type restaurant in Sheffield. Bit of a trek out of town of course but I think it's worth it. There is another branch of Akbar's in West One - same menu and everything - but that place has a different vibe to it and I don't think the food is as good.

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