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Seaside Sibilance

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Swooping, swirling, screeching seagull squadrons

Sometimes silhouetted soaring silently

Skilfully skimming scintillating seascapes, shelving strand

Stealthily scavenging, stealing scraps, surrounding scared shrieking schoolgirls.


Serried supermarkets, shops selling seasonal sweetmeats,

Superficial souvenirs, spades, sequinned sombreros, seconds

Stripy sunshades, sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses

Staring, shuffling shoppers, senselessly seeking something special.


Sinuous, succulent, seeping smells stimulating saliva, suggesting snack stops

Sausages, sauces, skate, sauerkraut, shallots

Sugary sweeties, savoury sandwiches, sizzling spicy specialities

Salty soups, steamy stews, sushi, slushy sodas, skimpy seniors’ specials


Scorching sunshine, showers, steely sleet, snow squalls

Sprinting, shivering, seeking shelter

Seldom steady, startling switches, scattering summer

Satisfying suntans, sweltering seasons, scarily searing sun


Streetwise salesmen spouting suggestive, salacious sailings

Seers selling sincere spiritual solace

Statues, strange sideshows, saints, salvationist songsters

Somnolent street sleepers, spaniels, social scientists soulfully saving sinners


Swinging salsa, sexy samba, stomping, show songs, sequences, Stones

Saturday sessions, Sunday singalongs, strathspeys, surf

Stereophonic samplers, sweet serenades, sea shanties, sarabands

Sixties, seventies, symphonies, ska, skiffle, steelbands, smoochy Southern soul


Stale-scented septuagenarians, sweaty sandals, septic socks

Singing Scousers, strutting Southerners, substantial Scots

Staggering soused sixties, sad solo sweethearts, squiffy solicitors, supercharged sailors

Stag squads, sophisticated students, spewing sixteens, strolling sanguine streetcleaners


Seaside sensations, sounds, sights, scents

Splendidly suggesting summertime

Subliminal senses suitably stimulated

Suddenly swept spiralling skywards

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