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Flooding research

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Hello everyone,


I am Maria, a 24yo architecture student. I'm currently doing my Masters dissertation about flooding and retrofitting buildings for flooding; Sheffield is my main case study. Was wondering if anyone would like to help by talking about their experience with this issue or just general thoughts?* Really want to step away from government or local council plans and list of actions and actually find out what people think about this, because at the end of the day when something happens they are the ones directly affected.

Would really appreciate the help, I've been looking into this for months now and quite excited about finding new perspectives and hear what people have to say :)


Thank you,



*It can be an exchange of e-mails, face to face or Skype chats. Nothing long or demanding, overall an informal chat. Your personal data will remain anonymous (unless you have a different preference) and any records of the chat will be deleted in June 2019 when my course finishes.

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If you’d like to help with the OPs research please contact them via PM.


Thank you - Closing.

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