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Child Observation Help!

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Hello there,


I am wondering if anyone could please help me at all.


I am currently training to be a social worker on the Frontline Social Work Course, accredited by the University of Bedfordshire. Learning about child development is an important aspect of my course and as part of that I have to do an observation of a child who is progressing well in an ordinary, well-functioning family. Social workers often work with very stressed families who are facing considerable difficulties. It is important that as a social worker I have a good knowledge of children growing up in families where there are no concerns about their welfare. I would be extremely grateful if any of you lovely parents would be willing to let me do an observation of your child.


The goal is for me to observe a child, aged 1-6 years, in a range of settings so that I can learn more about how children learn and develop. I will then be completing an essay on the observations that I have made in line with developmental theories that I am studying. Crucially, some of the observations should include observing the child at home with his/her parent(s). However other observations could be with siblings, extended family, friends, nursery or school. The idea is to see the child in a range of situations.


Like all social workers I have an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, which I am more than happy to provide, along with information from Frontline.


What would be involved?


 I would visit for six sessions of one hour each


 As I would be observing, I would not necessarily be able to interact or take part in anything whilst I am taking notes, however I am happy to interact before and after


 During the observation I will make detailed notes of what I am observing


 The kinds of things I will be noting are the child’s motor development, communication with others, emotional responses and cognitive development and how adults interact with the child to encourage positive development in these areas.


 I will ask parents and nurseries to sign an agreement to the observation


 Visits would be pre-arranged and agreed with parents (and teacher if the observation is at a nursery.)




In addition to this, I would be more than happy to meet up with interested parties beforehand and the parents are welcome at any time to read my notes and the full essay that I complete. I would be hoping to complete these observations over the course of the next four weeks with a view to completing the essay in six.


If you are interested in being a part of this, or know of a family who might be interested please do contact me. I will then be able to visit to discuss the observation and answer questions.


Thank you for your time and co-operation and I hope to hear from you soon.





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