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Have you heard of these sayings ?

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Yes I remember this saying and others that my mum used, one of which was well "Well -I go to the bottom of our stairs" and my grandmother used to say "Who'd like to wash and change me for threppence". There were many others, but the old memory isn't what it was. If I recall I will come back.




In our house, way, way back, “ I’ll go to the foot of our stairs! “ was a comment made in disbelief of something as I recall.

Another was said when in desperation of someone ie. “ I ‘ll knock her into the middle of next week!!”

Just wish I could remember them all from my childhood!

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Mutton dressed as lamb, Kris.


She said this as well.

The sayings I like most are the nonsense ones.

Mentioned before, "Followed a muck cart thought it was a wedding"

If you ever see a weasel asleep wee in its' eye.

Our cat weed up your entry. Usually after the telling of a long drawn out story

Sounded much better using original words but don't want to sound vulgar.

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got said by my mother.


It's a hard life if you don't weaken

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