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Charge for renting a room in Walkley

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gives the local rates for housing and rent allowances for a shared property.

Sheffield BRMA

Shared Accommodation Rate:£64.41 per week

Downloads about the Sheffield Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA):

BRMA map (the area where this LHA rate applies)(675.0 KB, (PDF))

Information about the BRMA (900.2 KB, (PDF))

List of Rents - view a graph of the rents used to set the LHA rate for Sheffield

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I rent a room out in Crookes.


I charge £380PCM inc all bills. So £87pw. Double room, only 2 of us in the house. He has full use of anything he likes. Room is also double, with a new mattress and furnished.


I realise this is probably on the higher side of averages. But I spend a lot of time away. 4 weeks holiday, and probably 2 nights a week for work, so he gets a lot of time here alone.


In terms of energy use when I am here I average £8pw in electric, when he is here alone it is nearer £5.

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