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Appending or 'bumping' a post on a thread?

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When a user was the last person to post on a thread, and then they make a new post on that thread; the system (forum software) will either:


a] Append the new post to the previous one (both posts combined in to one)




b] Create a new post.


I believe the system will choose a] or b] based on the amount of time elapsed between posts (previous post on the thread; and the new post).


Is that assumption correct, and if so, how much time must pass before the system would create a new post, rather than appending to previous post?

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yeah...its annoying as hell, i've added the odd post to one where i am the last poster, not to bump it as such but being a good boy and posting the post where i am meant to.

Having said that, when you post something you DO want people to maybe read it and maybe even interact with it...which doesnt happen, specially when the thread could be 10 pages down.

I have also had threads bump due to it being 3 or so months before hand that i posted?

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It should move the thread to the top of the list.... It adds more info to your post so ya want people to see it....


Its a good idea to do this,it keeps back to back posts from happening (Which sometimes dont look good) but it also can be a major pain also as said above........


I dont think it will be like that (They might not set it like that) on IPB4 (If they do indeed goto it)

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Yep, my query is really, what's the time limit?


Say there is a thread, and I made the last post on that thread. Now; depending on how long I wait before making another post on that thread, the system will either:


A: Append (join) my new post to my previous post.


B: Create a new post on the thread (and so, 'bump' the thread).


My question is simply, how much time needs to elapse before 'B' happens, rather than 'A'?


Does my question make sense?

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