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Claiming House contents insurance?

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Anyone ever done this?

I've got gold insurance for building and contents, never had any concerns but unfortunately I was recently robbed early morning whilst I was in the house. I think I may have luckily disturbed them as they could've taken a lot more than they did.

I did alert my insurance, who said the claims department would contact me (they haven't) and that I needed a crime ref number. I finally have had it given to me today (at last!) So will be calling them tomorrow.

I obviously have an excess to pay, but it does also say in my policy 'visitors belongings - £500 limit'. My partner had actually left some stuff here as he's moved out of his last House and works at during the week, and some of that was stolen too. Has anyone used this visitors belongings before?


Call me skeptical but I am keeping in my mind that my insurance may try to get out of paying more if they can help it, my only experience has been car insurance when younger and they don't even bother trying to fight your corner! So any info, advice or experiences welcome.

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