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Advice tidying & finding photos on my PC

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SORRY Think iv put this in the wrong place if so again apologies

Hi there (hope this isnt a stupid thing to ask, but im not at all technical)

Ok so i have a old desktop pc running on i believe windows 7, anyway im looking to replace it with a refurbished laptop, anyway over the years iv uploaded /downloads photos etc to my pc, however they appear to hidden everywhere, even though iv tried saving them with titles, so my question is i obviously need to do some kind of learning about this i just want to have all pics in 1 place etc etc, does anyone have any advice on a website/ course i could use to help me learn this stuff


Again hope it not a silly question, appreciate anyones help thank you

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tried to move to correct place, but cant so apologised

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Hi Nicky


Regarding saving photos in future, I can explain an easy method that I use


Although your photos have titles, it is also best to create a few folders in your documents for saving photos in to first. It is quite easy when you know how. I will describe how I do it on my old pc running xp-your old pc may be similar.


Go to My documents, click on file at the top of the screen, a menu drops down and you will see the word New. Hover the mouse over the word New and you should see the word Folder. Click on folder, A new folder will be created in documents-it will be flashing ready for you to give it a name. You can name this folder photos.


This can be your main folder for photos. If you want, you can go in to this folder and create sub folders for different photos. For example, one for family stuff, one for friends etc, and one for/relating to an interest/hobby. This method keeps things tidy, and you will be able to find photos quicker & easier.


* Always remember that whatever you save on to your computer, it is always best to create a folder with a meaningful name first*


If you need clarification on any of the above just ask.

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To find every pic on your computer do the following


On the desktop double-click the Computer Icon

Double-click the hard drive

Observe at the upper right of the window a text box probably saying Search Local Disc ©


In the box Enter the following:


kind: = picture


The hard drive will be searched for every possible picture, and there are zillions of them.

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thank you for your advice i will try that again THANKS

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You might want to add some more criteria to try to filter out all the images that have been downloaded by your browser, or that come as part of software packages.

Perhaps a minimum size for example, experiment with it a little bit to see what works.

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