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Advice needed for nesting robins and bird feeding cages

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I am fortunate enough to have two robins nesting in my green house and

through their behaviour they are obviously feeding their young.

The question is, when can I expect the baby robins to leave the nest so that I might begin to use my greenhouse again? I definitely wouldn't disturb them.


We get lots of feral pigeons, magpies and squirrels in our garden which gobble everything up that is put out for the smaller birds, personally I think they are vermin.

I am considering building a large cage, maybe two or the foot square so that the smaller birds can get in to feed but keeping the vermin out.

What would the best size of mesh to do this and where might I buy it from.

I would appreciate any advice on these subjects.

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I have all sorts if birds visit my garden too and squirrels. I have one of the stands you can buy with a dine underneath to stop squirrels and rats climbing up for the food. I have a cage feeder to fit on the stand as well which stops the large birds but allows small birds in. Visit homebase as they have a great range. I also if squirrel boxes filled with nuts

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