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Park Hill Sheffield Study

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for participants in my research project into the history of Park Hill. I know that a lot has been written about the flats in the past, but I'm more interested in getting the residents' perspective on what life was like there in the years before Urban Splash.


If you used to live at Park Hill (or still do and have been there for a while) and would be happy to be interviewed about your time there, please get in touch. While I'll need to ask a few basic questions - when did you start living there/who did you live with etc. - the interview is more of a chance for you to speak about Park Hill, not me.


My email address is ipcarter1@sheffield.ac.uk. The interviews would be included in my PhD thesis and might be drawn from later for publication. If you think you might be interested or would like more information please send me an email.


Hope to hear from some of you soon!



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If youd like to help with the OPs research please contact them via the means provided.



Thank you. Closing.

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