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Gender pay gap!

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Are you speaking for feminists now, you know what they want and how they think?

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19 hours ago, justinelle said:


We live in a male valued dominated world, and males are generally competitive whereas females are generally co-operative.   Males like power and to dominate, and nothing beats exercising power than making people work for them for as near peanuts as possible.  They want the money, and covert sadism is a way to exercise power as a psychological tools, and women often need the work, single parents etc.  Knowing in general they work harder, are more contentious than their male counterparts and the need for the work allows exploitation, which allows this subtle exercise of power.  



So maybe its time to start to research why males feel they have the need to have power in the first place.  All of them, or nearly all, had mothers and most would not treat them with the covert contempt those with the power they do to women not family.  It could be argued it’s the same psychological structures used for pimping, making the victims to work for peanuts, while knowing they have no option these days regarding the lack of career opportunities. 



So designed exploitation making the slaves work harder for less has since the crash been the flavour of the day, and this ideological standard has been implemented from the top down in government and the private sector.  Greed is good, and keeping women down and exploiting them wherever possible is found to be a widespread practice,  which suggests its more than just wages, it’s actually a male mindset.  One ought to research how this change from loving and respecting mothers transforms to exercising variations of practices  in their public and private life. 

What utter, offensive, rubbish.

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