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Rippon/Sykes/Plant Family.

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I have just been prompted to join this forum as part of researching my family history. The main link to Sheffield is via Rippon;- Francis Rippon born 1884

married Gertrude Dixon 1903. Son Fred lived on Herries Rd.

Also Coopers who had a grocery shop in Hillsborough before WW2.

Particularly interested in any connection to Mooney Gang or WW1.

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I have found the Rippon family back to 1841 on the census, do you already have these?


Have you any christian names and dates for the Cooper family?


I have a book 'The Sheffield Gang Wars' by J. P. Bean. The only names mentioned

are Harry Rippon and Thomas Rippon.


1939 Register, 77 Morley Street, Sheffield.

Gertrude Rippon, D.O.B. 14 Aug 1883, domestic duties, widowed.

One record closed.


Gertrude Rippon, widow, 80yrs, died at 77 Morley Street, buried 30 Jan 1964, City Road


In the same grave are:

Francis Rippon, hawker, 50yrs, died at Nether Edge Hospital, buried 18 Sep 1934.

George Rippon, carting contractor, 49yrs, died at 14 Apple Street, buried 5 Aug 1899.

Hannah Rippon, widow, 57yrs, died at 27 Town Street, buried 31 December 1914.

Joe Rippon, hawker, 28yrs, died at City General Hospital, buried 11 April 1939.

(George and Hannah are the parents of Francis).


These burials are from the 'Sheffield Indexers' site. The site is free to use.

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Hi, do you have a Harvey Ernest Rippon, I am looking for his sons daughter. Joseph rippon was born in 1914, I cannot find his first marriage and that is the relevant one, they had a daughter and I do not know her name for sure...Janet is a possibility.

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Hi Kashul,


Unfortunately, I have not found a first marriage.


1939 Register, 49 Walton Road, Shardlow, Derbyshire.

Joseph Rippon, D.O.B. 5 May 1914, builders labourer, married.

Joseph is living with Albert and Cissie Whitworth.

The next entry below Joseph's is closed. The closed entries are usually young children,

so I wonder if this is Joseph's daughter? If so, where is his wife? If he travelled around

for his work, he could have married anywhere.


Joseph did not marry again until 1959, to Beatrice Rainey.

Electoral Register 2002-2014, 176 Northfield Road, Sheffield. Joseph and Beatrice



1911 census -19 South Street, Mosbro, Eckington, near Sheffield.

Harvey Ernest Rippon, head, mar, 36yrs, coal miner hewer, born Eckington.

Theresa Rippon, wife, 29yrs, born Sheffield.

Elsie Rippon, dau, 6yrs, born Eckington.

Jessie Rippon, dau, 4yrs, born Eckington.

Annie Rippon, dau, 3yrs, born Eckington.

Bernard Rippon, son, 1yr, born Eckington.

Married 10 years, 6 children born, 4 alive, 2 died.


Harvey married Theresa Wilson, Q1 1901 Chesterfield.

There are further Rippon/Wilson births: Doris 1912, Joseph 1914, Ethel 1915,

Phyllis 1917, Gladys C. 1919, Nellie I. 1922, Muriel 1923 and Audrey 1924.


In 1901, Harvey and Theresa are at 54 South St, Mosborough, with his parents

Harvey 66yrs and Emma 65yrs.

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Hi, yes Beatrice is my mother in law and Joe was my husbands stepfather. I do know that Joe went to live with another family when he was young because his parents had a large family and could not provide for them.


Looks like it is going to be impossible to find his daughter and I really do want to talk to her about something !!! How sad :-(


---------- Post added 04-03-2018 at 11:32 ----------


I am using find my past and I couldnt find that entry for Joe when he was a laborer. I have his National Service Registration card here and he was in London for a while so I will look at the dates against what you have found

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From FreeBMD

A Joseph Rippon married Jessie Milner reg Jun 1937, Kettering, 3b 385

If you check this name combination for births registered in Jun 1942 there is something which may be of interest.



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You mention the Sykes family you are interested in - do you have any names of the Sykes? We had a Sykes family living in our house for 37 years in Hillsborough and I'm looking for their descendants? Would be amazing if they were the same people!!!

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Where does the Plant family come in to this? I have a fair no of them.

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