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Fitzalan square regeneration

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All these opinions are valid but why (as someone else asked above) is the work in Fitzalan Square proceeding at such a slow (at times seemingly non-existent) pace? 

Maybe Julie & her cohorts are still trying to negotiate suitable backhanders from the contractors concerned,

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Posted (edited)

Quite simply, because like all major projects there is a multitude of organistaitons to deal with, contracts to draw up, planning applications to be made, red tape to deal with and that's before you start with the practicalities of highway works, demolition works, construction, landscaping, safety operations, temporary re-routing of traffic, permanent re-routing of bus networks, dealing with leases and tenants, compulsory purchasing, corporate affairs and marketing. 


Before all that you have the even bigger issue of making sure that there is enough money in the pot (public and/or private) to ensure you can finish what gets started.     After being burned once after Hammerson crapped all over us, they dont want another situation like that.


Ultimately, all these things take time.  


Its not just a case of wipping up a few barriers and rolling in the diggers. 



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Maybe one for Planner 1, but why has the scheme been designed to pedestrianise the eastern side (where the bookies/Cooplands is) of Fitzalan Square rather than the western side (where the taxi rank is)?


I ask, as now it seems to be causing more traffic congestion and problems since the road was closed last week. All vehicles now have to turn right, and then left rather than continuing straight across towards Flat Street. Sheffield City Council in their wisdom have repainted the white lines on Haymarket indicating that 2 lanes of traffic can turn right, but this just leads to 1 lane on Commercial Street. It will become even more fun when buses start using the western side and want to access Angel Street, as you are not going to be able to turn left and right immediately in a large vehicle without blocking Commercial Street and that's if the lights will be synched.


So my question would be, wouldn't it have been easier to pedestrianise the western side of Fitzalan Square where the current taxi rank is and the works to Esperanto Place will be taking place? That way Haymarket would remain 2 lanes of traffic and therefore not cause the amount of backlog and congestion that has been seen so far this week. Hopefully it is just teething troubles but the new road layout/markings on Haymarket are certainly an accident waiting to happen!

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