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Grey Skies, Nothing But Grey Skies..

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Just now, Carbuncle said:


My bad, let me clarify my statement: the Earth does not remotely resemble an isolated system, not in anyone's wildest imaginings, not if one has spent all afternoon looking at Salvador Dalis in a centrifuge while tripping on acid, not even a little bit. It continually exchanges large chunks of energy with the rest of the universe. The Second Law does not apply to a system consisting of the Earth alone, not even if you put a ribbon round the 'haggis' and call it tJemima.

Your straw dog is nipping at your heals. Lol


I never said the Earth's climate was an "isolated system,"


Matter of fact I posted that there is really no such thing as "isolated system"  in nature, - WIKI


That's why those folks who demand $trillions to control the climate to a couple of degrees far out into the future have a REALLY BAD IDEA, Lol


Everything in the universe, is subject to gravity, dark energy, cosmic and an assortment of other radiation. Even empty space, a virtual vacuum, is a very busy place, we have learned.


But to get back on point, lets say the Earth and its climate are discrete, or even unique systems.


The  Earth's climate is  a function of gravity, atmospheric air pressure, energy sources such as the  the Sun, and to a lesser extent, Internal heat generated by radioactive decay, and the left over heat in its core from its formation , which together generates plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes.


The Earth actually does a great job of providing a livable climate. which allows life to thrive above the Arctic Circle, in the driest deserts, and in the steaming equatorial jungles.

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7 minutes ago, Padders said:

Wish the grey skies would come back.

Friday is the predicted day for it to break and rain.

And inevitably....heavy rain warnings for the weekend.

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Mite toasty innit.


Seen some very red folk today ,as a freckle face been cowering

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