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To start with a So…

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Some people I know

start an answer with So…..

It’s a sort of refrain

when they’re asked to explain.

Perhaps on TV

as an interviewee

they’ll be asked for their views

on some item of news

and they start off with So…

and then tell what they know.


Or perhaps they’ll address a

young trendy professor

in a new documentary meant to explain

how the Spanish defeated the Moors in Spain.

And what do you know -

he starts with a So…


I don’t hear what comes next

‘cos I’m so flipping vexed.

It serves as an irritant,

and I get a bit militant.

My views are displayed

in a modest tirade -

That’s not the right function

It’s an effing conjunction!

you and your snowflake millennial friends

with your smug veggie liberal media trends,

coolly, offhandedly trying to show

you’re a hip metropolitan user of So…




Oh for the days

of conventional ways

where some stern tweedy type

took a pull on his pipe,

thought for a spell,

then began with a Well….

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