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Warning about Facebook advertising

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Hi just a warning to anyone wanting to use Facebook adds.

A friend has advertised her business on there for around 6 months, I checked the add (as I've done it a few times) when the campaign stopped she thought that was it.

She had a weekly limit of £30 and all was fine.

But after checking her bank Facebook continued to take £30 every 2 or so days from her debit card for 3 weeks despite the advert not being live.

She cancelled her card and rang the bank and the bank wont give Facebook anymore money despite Facebook still trying.

She cannot get any of the £200 returned because the bank say it was authorised by her.

She has tried to contact Facebook but has found there is no phone number and no direct email for Facebook you can only contact them through the complaints menu which doesn't work.

She has contacted the police who have given a crime number but won't do anymore.

When she has googled it there seems to be many people who have had the same thing happen to them.

So please think carefully before giving Facebook your card details.

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Thats the main issue with FB, absolutely no contact with them. I have had things go wrong before that could be solved with an email or live chat etc. Nothing!


Its not a good set up at all when it comes to dealing with business customer complaints.

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