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Strip Light Issue

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Not sure if this is the correct place, Mods.. move as appropriate.


Anyways, it's a standard flourescent striplight (Sylvania brand). Light turns on fine, but after a few minutes starts turning off and then back on again.


Each time the tube lights up OK, but then pops off again after a few seconds once it starts playing up. Assumed it was the tube, then wondered if it might be the ballast. Seems odd how it's fine for the first few minutes.


Light is relatively new (about a year), replaced the old one after 20 years of zero trouble. When tube/starter went on that.. it never lit properly at all. Can no longer get the tubes tho, so replaced.


Don't want to buy a new tube if it's a problem with the ballast.


What say youz?

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When the light is on Turn the starter as if you was taking it out if the light stops flickering then you have a faulty starter if not then try another bulb if it’s neither then best of just swapping the light for a led

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