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Delay in recieving help to wash etc.

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i don't know much about the criteria or waiting list, but there may be some information here that could help you find out how to access appropriate care: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/social-care/factsheets/Getting%20Care%20and%20Support%20Factsheet.pdf


Apologies if you've already seen this. I'm sure there will be others here who can offer more information.

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Hi Everyone!


I am aged 40, live alone in a ground floor property that only has a small shower cubical that due to various health problems, I've not been able to use it, as its too small for me and I cant fit a shower seat in it.


I now have to get bed baths and wash my hair in kitchen sink.


However I struggle to do this, due to weighing 26 stones with a bad back, etc.


I had an assessment 3 weeks ago and so far, all they have denied me someone to help me to get washed and dressed, out and anyone to clean my flat, etc.


All they have offered me so far is an occupational therapist who has helped me get washed and dressed and out once a week.


This is unacceptable.


When I challenge them about it, they just keep fobbing me off, saying that there's a waiting list and ill have to wait.


I have a bladder problem, weeping under my belly, etc., so its wrong that they leave me all week like this, as I cant get motivated to wash my hair and wash my body.


Are there really waiting lists for carers or are they just fobbing me off?


Kind regards




It is unlikely that anyone on here will be able to answer your question about a waiting list. This is an internal management issue. If you believe that you have been lied to then the logical course of action is to find out the name of the head of department and write to them, asking for a full explanation.


You don’t mention your disability but you are still young at only 40 years of age so you should be looking to be as independent as possible. What is preventing you from washing yourself? If it is the size of the shower cubicle, then perhaps request a wet room conversion. That should be large enough to accommodate your size as they do not have cubicles. An assessment to look at how you can maintain your independence might be helpful.


I know something of caring for the morbidly obese and the complications are horrendous. Most people in this condition die early and in unpleasant circumstances. Weight gain is common after age 40, probably due to a slowing of metabolism and activity level. This is why it is important to deal with this issue soon. It would be awful if you become bed bound. If you can tackle this problem it perhaps would help you to get your life back. Have you thought of bariatric surgery? Losing Weight could be enormously beneficial for your bad back.

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To get NHS bariatric surgery in Sheffield you need to be referred by your GP onto a 12 week course of treatment, information and counselling which will assess your needs and ability to cope with what is a serious and lifechanging operation.


Bariatric surgery is no easy fix, so you may also need to prove you have the discipline to stick to a fairly difficult regime by losing a bit of weight during the 12 weeks. But as Jomie says, you are relatively young and could benefit from it.

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