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Greystones Hall

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What's the history of this place? For a long time it must have been the only building around there, then it was gradually swallowed up by development.


There's this:



Anything else to add?

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Greystones Hall for many many was occupied by Telephone Rentals (TR) as a regional office. I worked there from 1981 to 1986 when it was sold to the people who turned it into a care home.


If I recall TR were in there for years before I joined - may have even be pre WW2. I think at one time it was also a vicarage, and I am certain it was for the cathedral. There were stories that it was haunted by a former vicar who hung himself from one of the landing banisters - not sure how true that was but I heard it from one of the cleaners who came in after hours - I was working late one night and came down the staircase - she was hoovering the landing opposite - when she turned and saw me (white shirt and light grey suit) sh nearly had a fit - after she had calmed down she told me the story and said that the cleaners would work in pairs but the other girl had called in sick so this night it was a solo effort.........


It was a listed building when we were there as I also remember a new ladies toilet being installed and the work that had to be done inside to keep within the regs made it a very expensive job


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Now a fancy apartment block - quite a few alterations been made, in fact the apartment in this Estate Agents advert used to be the warehouse and workshop....but the picture of the entrance hall is exactly as I remember it, all these years ago - perhaps the listed regulations are still in force


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