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Jared Omara MP ..

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good for him, i hope it wasn't too rowdy and noisy for him though (or does that only apply to PMQ's?)

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10 hours ago, Eccy Beach said:

Taking Mr O'Mara out of the equation, what do you mean by Labour should never have won Hallam in the first place? Is it a 'Labour no go area'? I know there's some affluent parts of the ward and it's traditionally been a Conservative stronghold till 2000s but don't get why it shouldn't vote Labour.


It is one of the most affluent areas in the country and a lot of people here voting Labour were doing so because voting Tory (and now Lib Dem) is unfashionable. Many were protesting against Clegg too. They are not Labour *policy* supporters in the main. The Labour vote is also bumped up by the constituency having some pockets of students, though most are actually in Sheffield Central. The Lib Dems also suffered from Tory voters who lent Clegg their vote in 2015 switching back to the Tories in 2017.

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20 hours ago, geared said:

Anyone still worried about Parliament activity, your MP voted in last nights Brexit deal and the amendment tabled before it, voting against both.

And he has no confidence in Theresa may's government...

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