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Zebra finches for sale

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Rehome or Sale? Sale


Reason for Rehome / Sale. House move


Sale Amount £3 each


Location - dronfield


Type of bird to Rehome / Sell - male and female zebra finches. Various colours.


With or Without Cage? - without cage, although I do have some double breeding cages for sale.


Is the bird hand tame - no


Age & Sex - All this year's young. Male and female for sale.


Colour - various.


Live in / out - have been in an outside aviary.


Any Current or Historical Health Issues - all healthy young birds.


Temperament - these are all aviary bred birds. No issues with birds being together.


Any special knowledge needed - knowledge of keeping zebra finch, however I will be more than happy to support with any questions. These are good birds for beginners.


General Information you can share - zebra finches are lovely small birds and are a great start in keeping birds. I have kept them for a few years now and they are great for children.


Any questions please feel free to ask.


Many thanks

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