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10 week old fancy rats for sale

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Species of animal to be rehomed:

White, grey and black fancy rats, male and female


Rehome or Sale?



Reason for Rehome / Sale

We've got enough rats :)


Sale Amount

£10 each



Sheffield S12


Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously?



Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting?



Age & Sex

We have 3 females and 4 males, all 10 weeks old


Breed/ Mix

Mum is a dumbo eared hooded cookie grey rat. Dad is a bareback hooded black straight eared rat.


Colour/coat type

We have a mixture of hooded, bareback hooded and broken hooded, but all are either a mix of grey and white or black and white.


Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching?



Live in / out









Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues




Very tame and friendly


Vaccinated & Wormed



Any special knowledge needed

These are all suitable as first rat pets or for experienced rat owners. Please make sure you have suitable bedding, cage and food before enquiring


General Information you can share


We have 3 girls and 6 boys ready to go at 10 weeks. The babies have been well handled since birth and so they are very friendly and tame to handle. They love coming out the cage to socialise and explore. They will make very loving pets.


We want these rats to go to loving homes in single sex pairs or trios. We are currently keeping males and females separated so there is no danger of a surprise pregnancy!


Mum is a dumbo eared hooded cookie grey rat. Dad is a broken hooded black straight eared rat. Both mum and dad are young and healthy and are very friendly and sociable too. Mum especially loves exploring and is a real character.


You can PM me or for a quick response please call 0114 281 2378. Also happy to send pics via email :)

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