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Thanks but no thanks

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thanks admin for merging my post asking for reccomendations of where to buy cheap fence panels and tagging it onto the end of someone elses post in a section for developers and house builders where the demographic i want to answer will have no idea its there..... it would be nice for you to at least message me and let me decide what i want to do with the post, instead i had to search all my posts and couldnt understand why someone elses was showing until i scrolled to the end of page 3 and found my post.


I put it in general discussion section because i wanted normal everyday folks to answer and give recomendations and get more of wider database of answers and opinions. I wasnt selling or offering work or looking for a tradesman to come and do the work, i wanted peoples own experience and thier preffered companies.


Thanks again ADMIN for making sheffield forum what its become in the many years since i joined....

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