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Why aren't humans chipped at six weeks old?

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I have recently acquired another pal , A six week old mongrel called tabs.

And being six weeks old he has had to be injected against all things inc his very right to exist without identification .


And so my pal will for ever be able to be identified as to where he belongs and as to who he is.

This has got me thinking , why not chip all mankind at six weeks old , its easy , take the D.N.A, the birth date, the blood group , ethnicity etc and put it on a chip the size of a pinhead and inject it into ones neck just below the ear.


No more messing about when one needs to be identified be it for law breaking , terrorism, medical purposes or if suitable to breed with some one who would not be compatible.


It would a simple and straight forward way to plan ones journey through life , the pitfalls we may encounter on that journey and at the end a slight click of the chip gun can record our details so as to plan for future generations.


Wouldn't the chip just drop out if one is genderfluid?:huh:

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