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Burly Q Presents Blessed are the Freaks and Geeks! 23rd September

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Now in our 8th year of sell out shows, Burly Q Sheffield invites you to get your geek on for an evening of burlesque, nerdlesque, circus and drag in, 'Blessed are the Freaks and Geeks!' on Saturday 23rd September.


Dedicated to all the misfits, miscreants, nerds, oddballs, eccentrics and outsiders, we will be celebrating those who blaze their own trail. From Hollywood icons to sci-fi blockbusters nothing will be sacred, and there will be some extraordinarily brilliant and bonkers treats in store… Even by Burly Q standards!




JOE BLACK - Gin drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit, drag clown and acid tongued ringmaster


ARRAN SHURVINTON – Spooky strutter, loveable monster maker, and creepy creature impersonator


ULRIKE STORCH – foot juggler extraordinaire, Marlene Dietrich double, and all round super human


FELICITY FURORE - The lovechild of Jessica Rabbit and Austin Powers. Burlesque, glamour, ridiculousness- all rolled into one.


DEMI NOIRE - burlesquer, dancer and fire performer who makes her audience giggle, scream and shout!


LILLY SNATCHDRAGON - Neo -burlesque drag performer who enjoys long walks on the beach, British Passports and debunking controversial stereotypes…


And your hostess for the evening…


The original Yorkshire Tease, and recently crowned ‘Bohemian Queen of Burlesque’, AMBER TOPAZ! Anticipate hip shaking boundless energy, stunning vocals, saucy comedy shenanigans, and the winning song from this year’s Alternative Eurovision Song Competition…?!


PLUS! To round off the evening’s entertainment DJs Cherryred and Den Iniquity will make the dance floor jump, wiggle and shake, with all vinyl DJ sets of rock and roll, R and B, swing and big band.


PLUS! Best dressed prizes – get your geek on!


Tickets are priced at £17 for a guaranteed reserved table seat, and are on sale via our website - google Burly Q Sheffield and you can't miss us!


REMEMBER – seats are allocated in the order of booking, the early burly bird gets the front row seats!


VENUE: Walkley Working Men's Club, Providence Road


Doors – 7.30 pm

Show – 8.30 pm

Dancing – 11.00 pm (approx.) ‘til late!


(Please note that the line up is subject to change)

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Hi, yes, Walkley Club is currently closed but is reopening under new management at the beginning of September :0)

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It's a working man's club owned by members ,how can new management open it? Unless the members call an EGM and appoint new committee,secretary,treasurer etc but that takes time as well as finding interested people.

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