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The Origins of Comic Book Boy (Short Story Audio)

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Thought you'd like to hear a short action-horror story we've turned into a small audiobook (with added music and sound effects). I really like the atmosphere we've created with this one, and I hope the soundscape captures the imagination as much as the actual story does.




Comics are a way of life for so many people, but do we truly understand their power? More importantly; if that power was ever unleashed, would it be used for good or evil?


In this short audiobook, we’re asking the question. What would we create? A superhero, or perhaps… a monster?


Written by our colleague Arkenmint (also based in Sheffield like us) this story is also available in text form on his website


By the way, if anybody here has a story/script that they feel might work on our radiostream/podcast. Then get in touch.

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