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New Band Seeking a Singer

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New band starting up.


Looking for a singer to join a new band. We are looking to do mainly original material with the odd cover thrown in.


We would like to do something with an indie, electronic edge but open to lots of different styles. We are all in our early/mid 30s and keen to rehearse as least once a fortnight.


Currently we consist of a Bass player, Guitar player and Snyth player. We have stand in drummer for now.


Let me know if you are interested at neil.wallace101@gmail.com.



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Hi Pal,


Got any example of bands for what you're aiming for?

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Thank you for replying to my advert.


I am an acoustic guitar mainly into my 70s singer songwriters, Donovan, Dylan, James Taylor but I also like my rock n roll and blues music. Hendrix, Stones, Who, Beatles etc.


The guitar we player we have is into the similar type of music. The synth player we have is into his alternative music, electronic dance music etc.


So hopefully we will have rock, indie band with a bit of electronic feel.



Ignore the vocals, hence why we need a singer.


What are you into? What kind of band do you want to be in?

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Hi Mate,


I am very much interested in this post! I am a singer looking to join a band, and a lot of the singers that you mentioned happen to be my favourites, especially Bob Dylan, Stones and The Who.


Do you fancy a jam?


I am also intermediate at guitar, and can also play harmonica.



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