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The Final Collapse - The road to Redemption

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' Get out of the van now'! said the man who has long hair and is holding a gun though the open window ' all of you come on ' Ben opens the door slowly and gets out with his hands up ' better get out too ' Rose gets out of the van along with Sarah and Joan . The man shouts to the woman who is standing by the lorry ' see what's in the van while I put these in the back of the lorry Ben asks ' were are you taking us '? the man replies ' somewhere safe move it ' The other man comes to the van he too has a gun and points it at Ben's head clearly the guy is not going too mess about then the women shouts ' theirs fuel here two cans ' the man says ' take it ' Ben and his family are escorted to the lorry the back doors are open theirs nothing in side Ben helps Rose in and his two daughters. Has soon has the family get in the doors are banged shut theirs no light the engine starts up the lorry moves forward .


Ben and his family sit in darkness thinking what lays ahead the lorry rattles away they are hungery and thristy . Then the lorry turns to the left then stops then the doors open their stands the same man has before ' move it ' again holding a gun at Ben the family get out of the lorry . In front of them looks like a camp people moving around carrying tools and other objects. Then an oldish man moves to the lorry he speaks to the man with the gun ' what have we got here then ' ? Ben replies ' who are you why have you brought us here ' ? The oldish guy perhaps late 70s with white hair medium build replies' we need workers life can be good if you follow the rules ,work well live well ' Ben asks ' or what? ' the man laughs ' or die take them to the shed give them jobs too do' the lorry driver gets hold of Roses arm and forces her too walk Ben follows Sarah and Joan start to cry . The family arrive at the shed inside are makeshift beds the place is gloomy they notice a young women towards the back she moves away from Ben's family the man with the gun leaves and closes the door behide locking it.


Ben asks the woman ' what is this place ?' the women looks early 30s hair tangled up wearing dirty clothes replies ' a slave camp the old guy makes us work his land in return for food and water if we don't he gets one of his men to beat us up or shot us' Ben shakes his head ' before the collapse he was wealthy owned lots of things he lost it all his family left him that's all I know' Rose asks ' is their another camp near by run by the United Nations ' ? the women looks up ' yes their is about ten miles from here the old guy raids it now and again I was their he took me from it about six months back ' Ben looks at Rose ' we need to get out of here ' how ' ? Rose replies the women speaks again ' I know how just needs help too do it' Ben says ' let's do it now before they come back ' the woman moves towards the back wall theirs a lose panel bit behind is a fence ' Ben bangs at the wall the panel comes lose ' Rose come here and you too what's your name by the way ' ? the lady replies ' Linda' ' ok Linda let's hit the wall together ' the panel comes lose and fall out daylight floods into the gloom. ' Ben ' let's move out ' the group slide their way out into the open the fence is down the family start too run into a open field suddenly a shout is heard and gunfire is ringing out Linda falls to the ground blood is seen from her upper arm she been hit Ben stops to help both start running again two men can be seen running after them. Eventually the family run into some woods the voices of men with guns fade away.


The sun is setting the family find a small cave Linda lays down . ' how far is the UN camp do you know? ' Rose asks Linda ' not sure but things look familiar ' The family settles down for the night . Ben wakes up he can hear birds singing then suddenly he hears men's voices he realises its the gun men's he wakes up Rose ' come on we need to leave now ' Rose ' why? ' Ben ' it's the men from the camp get the girls I will help Linda' The family quickly get out of the cave they walk out of the woods into open fields ' the camp is over that hill ' Linda says .


The family make their way constantly looking out for the gun men but see nothing Ben notices a camp in a field with a blue flag blowing in the wind Ben ' look I think we have found it ' the family get nearer they notice people milling about and notice soldiers ' thank god ' Rose answers . They arrive at the camp a UN soldier moves forward Ben ' we need help ' Ben points to Linda the soldier looks and stops he shouts for help two soldiers they arrive and point guns at Linda Ben asks ' what's going on she needs your help ' the soldier replies ' that women is the wife of the slave camp guy she is most wanted ' Ben looks shocked ' she said escaped from here ' the soldier replies ' she did ' they take Linda away Ben then asks ' what now for us?' the soldier ' follow me ' which they do they pass people who look but don't speak ' you will be processed and sent to another camp ' the soldier informs them.


Ben sits down with his family his thoughts are of how did we end up like this? They work hard seemed to have everything it took less than 24 hours before the life they had was no more and a new reality replaced it a new order of dog eats dog.A lorry arrives people board it Ben and his family get on and driven away into a life of unknowns.

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