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The Final Collapse

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Strong and stable I will deliver !

Theresa May , 2017


8th June 2020 location, 10 Downing Street , London.


' Today the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May has resigned after the dead lock over Britain leaving the EU has come to an head and the City of London banks have all but gone also many well known manufacturers have left the UK the economy is increasingly becoming unstable the pound has fallen to an all time low'


9th June 2020 9.30am the UK economy collapses . ATM's are over run and soon run out of money within hours shops and supermarkets are​ looted and burned no law or order no central government. Most of the government have fled into exil it's every man for himself.


Location, Sheffield , UK . 2021.


It's been a year since the economy collapsed theirs no electricity , gas or running water, telephone networks are down the shops are long empty the streets are lawless night brings danger has everything is in darkness money is useless even if it was would not buy anything theirs nothing to buy in any case .Ben and his family , two girls Joan and Sarah and his wife Rose were just another average family not​ wealthy but just getting by living at Jordanthorpe , Sheffield in a council house now they face a new reality. ' Ben we need to get away from here it's becoming more dangerous everyday plus supplies are nearly all but gone IV heard theirs a camp run by the United Nations on the Scottish border we need to go their' Ben looks at the floor ' how are we going to get theirs​ no fuel anywhere ?' Rose looks at Ben ' we got to get away now! Ben realise Rose is right his two daughters have been attacked by strangers who were looking for food and water but found nothing. ' Ok then we leave ' Ben replies ' today let's pack what we can carry get Joan and Sarah ' The family pack what they can does not take long the kitchen cupboards are nearly empty a couple bottles of water and a few tins of food which the family had to fight over to get plus strangers breaking into the house all the time no where is safe.


Ben and his family leave their home many of the houses are abandoned cars left on driveways some are burnt out others stripped most of the houses have been looted. The family pass the shopping area most of it was burnt down a year ago glass everywhere buses topped over in the riots following the collapse strange to think this was an once busy area . The day is bright a man approaches​ Ben he looks 50s unshaven rough looking his eyes look at Ben's bag ' any food spare mate ' in weak voice the man looks ill medical supplies are long gone . Ben replies ' no ' then the man moves forward and tries to glad the bag Ben struggles with man and falls to the floor Rose tires to pull the man off Ben but falls down Ben hits the man who falls over . Ben gets up and family quickly moves away


The family go down a lane and spot a van that's looks intact Ben stops and looks in the van and notices the keys perhaps worth a try Ben thinks to himself . Ben learns in though the open window and turns the key nothing happens then suddenly the engine comes to life Rose looks amazed . Sarah opens the vans doors and finds two large cans of fuel ' Dad look at this!' Ben moves around to look ' let's get in before someone else gets here's The family get in the van Ben puts his foot down the van slowly moves forward then picks up speed. Ben drives the van onto the motorway passing long abandoned cars and lorries which have doors wide open because people were looking for anything to survive. ' Do you think we can make it to Scotland in the this? ' Rose asked Ben ' I don't know but I'm willing to try ' Joan asks ' are we their yet Dad ' Ben " does it look like it ' !


The family decided to stay away from the cities and towns they have heard stories of gangs who patrol their ' patch ' and disease has taken over many areas . The van moves onwards passing service stations no point in stopping at them plus gangs might be their . Suddenly a lorry is spotted by Ben coming down the wrong side of the road at speed towards the van Rose looks at Ben . The lorry is picking up speed Rose ' stop the car Ben ' which he does Ben ' I think he will hit us ' The lorry slows down and stops the cab doors open two men and a women get out they move towards the van they seemed to be armed and then are in front of the van . One of the men approaches the van door and opens the door.

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