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Julian Assange debacle

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I have not read all of the posts to be honest, if this has been posted already I apologise in advance.


"The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, joined Jeremy Corbyn in calling on the government to block Assange’s extradition after he was arrested on behalf of US authorities, who have charged him with involvement in a computer-hacking conspiracy."



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On 11/04/2019 at 12:47, Penistone999 said:

He has also been arrested under a US extradition warrant according to the BBC.  


On 11/04/2019 at 17:04, Yeah but said:

What's the most interesting and juicy thing that WikiLeaks has revealed to the world then? I've only really had a passing interest in this.

Wikileaks has published evidence from many many whistleblowers , cast-iron evidence of state authorised assassination orders, banking crime, war crimes and state corruption,  from all over the world. But the two big guns are US whistleblowers - Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning and Edward Snowden.

Manning facilitated a massive leak of confidential diplomatic communications that laid bare the state of global realpolitik, hugely embarassing - and also evidence of brutality and war crimes on the part of the US administration during the Bush era in particular.

The Snowden leak was less shocking, but ultimately more chilling. It revealed the extent and depth of the surveillance state, especially in ECHELON countries . Echelon is essentially the Anglophone Eavesdropping and Intelligence Complex, featuring all the best English speaking threeand four letter Secret Squirrel agencies from across the globe.

On 11/04/2019 at 21:58, Mister M said:

Tatchell is a venerated LGBTQ+ activist,  and a prominent human rights campaigner. He commands a great deal of respect from many across the political spectrum.  

He's probably done more to achieve both gay and human rights than many an MP put together.

I'll never forget the moment he tried to enact a so-called citizen's arrest on Robert Mugabe in 99, didn't realise he tried a second time.


Also - https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/nov/08/andrewmeldrum.owenbowcott


3 hours ago, the_bloke said:

Assange's defence is that he has done nothing of the sort. He can only claim he is clean if he has not solicited or been involved in the capture of any of the leaked information hosted on servers for which he had overall control of.


It's the job of the US to prove that he knows more than he has let on, which is why they think it's worth taking him to court.

Actually most of the charges relate to perfectly permissible journalistic practice. The one charge they may or may not be able to get to stick will be that he "actively engaged in helping Manning try to crack a password that allowed the US soldier to gain unauthorized and anonymous access to highly sensitive military computers". The other four charges completely contradict common journalistic norms, and would melt away in the light of justice.


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Having said all that - the US don't need any evidence to extradite him, an allegation is sufficient.

That happened 16 years ago -


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The US has put forward more trumped up charges in an effort to punish him for whistleblowing on their illegal activities.


It will be interesting to see if the Swedish Government try and hold the high ground by demanding his extradition for rape or whether the whole thing was just a put up job to get him extradicted to the US.

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I think its really funny that he wasted all those years in the embassy for nothing!

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