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Deaf/Hard of hearing person.

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hi, my name is shoana.


I'm not sure if I am in the right place, forgive me If I am not.


I have suffered with bad ears from a very young age, recently my right ear has got worse and all muffled. I am afraid that I will eventually go deaf. I was wondering if there is any others who are deaf, partially deaf and how did you adapt. I would like to make friends with people going through the same thing and educate myself. thank you very much and I hope to hear from people.

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Hi Shoana,


I'm hearing but learning British Sign Language, so I can't help very much. The Manchester Deaf Centre has lots of activities and if you can make your way to Manchester I'd recommend it (I live in Sheffield but work in Manchester so I'm learning there). I think there's a Deaf and hard of hearing club of Sheffield and this is the link online - http://slfirst.co.uk/about/sheffield-deaf-centre/. It looks like there are different events and clubs.


If you want to learn or are learning BSL, or know it already, and fancy a chat or practice, pm me :)

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