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Anyone interested in starting a covers band?

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I am looking to start a cover band(pop/rock with some guilty pleasures), with not a great deal of aspirations, a gig here and there would be great to have a laugh. I'm 35 and play rhythym guitar(and a few bits of lead, just can't do metallica style solos )


An idea of setlist could include something like:

Brown sugar

Boys of summer(The ataris)

All the small things

Beat It (Fall out boy)

We Didn't start the fire

I drove all night

Basket Case

Place your Hands

Local Boy in the Photograph

Fortunate Son

Semi Charmed Life

Just a day

I Predict a Riot

Times like this

Saturday Night allright for fighting(Nickelback)


Sex on Fire

Scotty Doesn't Know

Buck Rogers

Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm)

Fat Lip

Dance, Dance


you get where I'm going with this...


So... Anyone up for it?


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Thanks all for the replies, we are now looking for just the drummer


If you are one specimen of this endangered species, give me a shout

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Hi I'm a drummer who would be definitely up for this. Gimme a shout if you're still looking. Own kits and transport

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Hey Halley,


Sorry new this, I’m not able to reply to private messages yet...

Apologies to re-ignite this conversation but I’m a big queens / foos fan.


Have you a jam space in mind?




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I'm old, 61 now, so I may not suit your profile. I usually play a 5-string bass and have my own amp, speaker and transport. Also a spare 4-string, just in case! I'm retired, so I can practice daytimes as much as needed, which currently isn't much, so I'm rusty.


Can't offer you much, I'm still at beginner level in my own opinion, I enjoy 12-bar blues, (Deep Purple's lazy - mmmm!) but I can play anything simple. Getting a bit of arthritis occasionally, so anything fast is out no matter how much practice I get.

I have done a couple of gigs with some friends, but they have families and jobs and we just haven't had the opportunities since then.


Get back to me if you like, I come on here every couple of weeks to look.



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