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Kuckoo - West St..

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Well weve been in tonight and really liked it. The cocktails were lovely, and if you tell the bar staff what you like/dont like they'll make one specially for you.

The music is great, very Casbah, and altho theres no actual dance floor the atmosphere is comfortable enough that if want to dance you can.


I do hope theyll go down a few other Sheffield cocktail bar routes and have a happy hour, but it doesnt look like any of their other branches have. It is quite expensive otherwise.


(As for Maida Vale playing the same music, yeah they do if youre very lucky and time it right. We dont bother any more after going in and them regularly playing stuff like Kylie Minogue etc.)

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I've been several times and love the place ..

The cocktails are fantastic , and the girls serving them friendly and very knowledgable about what's in them . The music is great , and set to just about the right volume , loud enough to enjoy it , but not too loud that you can't talk .

To many bars are much of a muchness , this one certainly is different and I hope it becomes a success. It's certainly been busy every time I've been in so far.

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Couldn't Disagree more with the opening post, I went in Friday night at about 10 with my wife, her sister and the brother in law and we had a great few hours in there.


I thought the décor was done great especially with the illuminated long tables, the music and style is obviously towards the indie rock anthems that I grew up with in the 90's and 00's, I also like to think there is a little nod to Sheffields history of music and clubs especially the Kasbar.


Yes the drinks are a little more expensive but nothing drastic and the waitress service is a great touch


This in my opinion is a great addition to the Sheffield night life scene and something music wise that has been missing from Sheffield since the closure of the Kasbar


The constructive part is I and probably most others, don't need patronsing with a list of self indulgent ridiculous 'rules'. If I am paying for something i expect to get what I have asked and paid for not a fraction of it......Any business owner that thinks his door staff are best placed to decide on a dress code/someones eligibility to come and spend in their business is either naive or stupid.


I suspect 99% of bar owners leave the decision of customers' attire and eligibility up to their door staff.


I've been once. The decor is certainly unique if not to my personal taste but I like the booth design so that people can sit around and chat comfortably. The music was good and that is the difference with so many places these days. Too many places play the same, mundane "dance", or derivation of, music. No idea about the prices as I never drink cocktails elsehwere.


I did get to speak to the group manager when I visited who is a very affable chap and at my request starting looking into getting some gluten free beer in.


I will return.

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