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Gypsies on Scowerdens estate near Normanton Springs.

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In today's Star, Sheffield City Council state that they are away of the situation down on the Scowerdens estate and they are "monitoring" it. What this means who knows?


Usually means they're hoping the situation sorts itself out so they don't have to get off their arse and do the job themselves.

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Please leave Gypsies alone. They cause no more problems than any other section of society but are stigmatised at every turn,although being the oldest ethnic minority around. Try reading your local paper to see who are the real scum bags!


Bull!! Where I used to live one summer Gypsies/travelers/scroates (pick what you wish) decided to settle on our local park, they destroyed it, they left human waste around, so much rubbish, burnt out cars. Thefts in the area soared, they were anti-social, music played at all hours, loud generators running 24/7!!


Life was hell, the council did nothing, after months of battling with the council they finally left. The park was destroyed! I can tell you first hand that these people are filthy animals who care for no-one, I have 0 time for them!


If they have 'settled' in your area all I can say is good luck, nail anything metallic down and do not leave any windows or doors unlocked!

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