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Scarp metal collectors - dont feed them

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Well it seems my last post was removed without any reason...


So ill try again,

On many occasions i have left scrap out for collection, just like most sheffielders have done for many many years. The scrap was always collected in full.


More recently i left some scrap out and a small freezer. The scrap was collected while the freezer was stripped of valable copper and the carcas left behind.


I have seen evidence of this today in a different district.


Now it seems to me that this game should be give and take, but picking cherries and leaving the carp is simply take take take.


It has been mentioned that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that the environment and area is kept clean, in order and within law....when my scrap freezer was cherry picked i then took the carcas to the dump site like any respectable person would....


Now though i will take any scrap stright to the dump, and maybe the revenue will be put to a better community wide use.

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